HIGHlight video from Intersection SF!

March 9, 2015

You’ve gotta love it when you see one of those things that started as a half baked idea end up a mind blowing success. At Plaid we saw the Intersection SF event do just that -- and it’s now impossible to deny the power of the “fempire” we’ve become a part of.

It started with another half baked idea turn awesome in the form of a podcast show called To Put It Bluntly. A whole  other story! But the tangent is key because it’s where we met our friends at Right Sciences. Soon enough we introduced them to our other friends at Sync… And Sigwa got involved… And before we knew it, we were sponsoring a sold out event!

Intersection of Science + CannabisAs an event to promote the intersection (and conversation) with science + cannabis, the event had a rocking panel discussion. Covering everything from the micro dosing trend to the lack of funded research, I’d bet not one person walked out without learning something. The energy was on fire and the Q&A from the crowd alone could have easily filled an hour.

See the HighlightsFeel the energy for yourself in the video below -- and stay tuned to Plaid for our support of upcoming intersection.events!